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How to Land Your First TV Interview – Get Published!

On Thursday May 28, 2020

About the event

Student Journalism Training Series - Part 2 of 3
How to Land Your First TV Interview – Get Published!
Did you know you don't have to be a full-time professional journalist to appear on TV? The Leadership Institute's Campus Reform has launched the career of dozens of professionals in media, politics, and the private sector. So what can you do to join them?

In this lecture, we'll cover:
  • Looking for stories on your campus
  • What you can do to get noticed by national media
  • Get published, paid, and perhaps national media attention for you work with Campus Reform
  • How an internship can help you prepare for life after college
  • Landing your first job in media after college


Starts Thursday, May 28

Thu 28:   7:30 PM  - 9:00 PM EDT


This training is online.




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Hannah-Catherine Smith

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Hannah Blair

Hannah Blair

Hannah Blair is the Communications Manager for ProActive Communications, where she serves as campaign consultant for Donald J. Trump for President Inc. Formerly, Hannah was the Program Manager for Campus Reform.


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Hannah-Catherine Smith

Hannah-Catherine Smith

Correspondent Director, Campus Reform

Hannah-Catherine Smith is the Correspondent Director at Campus Reform. She is responsible for the recruitment, training, and management of Campus Reform's student journalists.

After joining the Leadership Institute ...

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